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We have embarked on a trip with Singapore Airlines two months ago, and we had lots a great times hanging out with the driver behind Peel Bus Hire & Charters

Day 1

Once arriving in Perth by Singapore Airlines, the guide is taking us to the bus pickup because we were stopping halfway at Kwinana Marketplace. Then, we resume our journey to Fairbridge Village for 4 nights stay. That is where we also have dinner there.

Day 2

We had just woke up early to get some breakfast, then we toured around Fairbridge Village while waiting for the chartered bus to come. What we did at Dolphin Discovery Centre, we explored the sea, and that is where I bought the shirt for my casual wear, and the correct size of the shirt was a clue. Then, we head to Busselton for lunch. There we had Hungry Jack’s meal. Then, at Busselton Jetty, we managed to go underwater to see… a school of fish.. and that was where I bought a mug for my mother. Later that evening, we stopover at Junction Shopping Centre in Pinjarra before we get back to the accommodation.

Day 3

We woke up once again for breakfast meal before we head out to the city. There, at King’s Park, I suspect a noise, and that’s a rock band rehearsing for the event called Make Smoking History as some fans referred here as AC/DC. We had our lunch at The Olive Tree restaurant. I don’t eat beef because I’m religious, so I ate chicken instead. Afterwards, we get to Mandurah Forum Shopping Centre to shop til we drop. Of course, I’m NOT eating beef meals, so I buy something different for dinner before doing anything with a boomerang.

Day 4

Again, woke up for breakfast, then off to Peel Zoo for a little tour. And that was also a stop where I bought a plush toy for my little cousin to play with. Then afterwards, a guide shows us around the accommodation on where we were staying for these 4 nights. As therefore I don’t go for a giant swing, I SHOOT arrows like Hawkeye from The Avengers. Later that evening, we stop by at Coles to shop til we drop again. This time, I bought honey for my family to use with water.

Day 5

Again, woke up for breakfast for 1 last time, done with final packing because we were going home on Singapore Airlines from the airport. I had to say goodbye to the old church, and also saying goodbye to the deceased with the photo being taken. We had also said goodbye to Fairbridge Village, the old railway train, Coles Supermarket, Junction Shopping Centre, and TransPerth electric train. The inbound flight SQ226 was given Gate F42 and Belt 36.

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