The Epic Split Against MediaCorp | Fellowship Stories LIVE Broadcast Episode 2

Hi everybody! Fellowship Stories LIVE Broadcast is new this week. We talked about stuff happened this past week.

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iPhone 7 Influenza/Burger King criticism | Fellowship Stories LIVE Broadcast Episode 1

JustintanTV proud to present you… a new Fellowship Stories LIVE Broadcast episode!

This week, we talked about Phua Chu Kang, Burger King, Apple iPhone 7 and much more.

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This month, we had change. Earlier this month there’s The Purple Symphony’s first ticket concert at University Cultural Centre located at National University of Singapore, so just as the character Cassandra Lai has left the show to pursue her solo directions which we wish her all the best on, our credits now list:

JustintanTV The Animated Series
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Josiah Kiang,
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JustintanTV The Animated Series Episode 5: “Panic Conference”

Well, we should think again before we act. Been taking days to get them!

It’s the midseason finale of this webseries, so we’re taking a season break and will be back on 1st June, to be exact. Meanwhile, do check out our second channel and our other videos on our main channel. We will be airing some of our classics on our webseries playlist and our festive playlist (Hari Raya Puasa is coming) so we don’t miss out any of them. MAKE YOUTUBE GREAT AGAIN!