JustintanTV The Animated Series Episode 14: A JustintanTV Christmas Spectacular Vol. 2

Santa Claus comes to visit the JustintanTV community.

It’s the first season finale of JustintanTV The Animated Series ever released on the internet, which means that we’re taking a season break and we’ll be back on 3 June 2018, to be exact. Meanwhile, check out other videos. We’ll be airing some classics to go back in time.



This month, we had change. Earlier this month there’s The Purple Symphony’s first ticket concert at University Cultural Centre located at National University of Singapore, so just as the character Cassandra Lai has left the show to pursue her solo directions which we wish her all the best on, our credits now list:

JustintanTV The Animated Series
Producers: JustintanTV and Justin Tan Wen Cong

With the other creative talents of:
Josiah Kiang,
“Art Beng” Sean Bay,
“Reds Hope” Kevin Tan.

And whoever else happens to be around that is free.

So we look forward to your support as we continue to do our usual rubbish and of course, don’t forget to visit our advertisers who have also been helping to keep our show going!

JustintanTV The Animated Series Episode 4: “Collateral Things”

Do people believe who could be censored? Kevin and Justin finds out.

(Note: first any only JustintanTV The Animated Series with English subtitles.)

This episode of JustintanTV The Animated Series is sponsored by Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them. Check the adventure out on iTunes, DVD, blu-ray 2D and blu-ray 3D, and on Emirates’ 12x award winning in-flight entertainment system, ice. Refer to the ice guide for info on your next flights departing Dubai International Airport.

More episodes of the webseries: youtube.com/playlist?list=PL54C612yTi1QSH10Y2l7msMnw81Mup1mi


April 2 will be the midseason finale of JustintanTV The Animated Series as our webseries will be taking a season break on the whole month of May, and we will also introduce you some new videos. We will also be airing some past episodes. Such news segment using Plotagon will be available too. We will be embarking trips with AirAsia from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Langkawi, Luang Prabang, Bangkok, Pattaya and more.

Q&A: Is Fellowship Stories Of You And Me expanding?

Looks like Fellowship Stories Of You And Me is now expanding as our author is currently had a job. So we introduce you to my sweet little cousin Chang Li Xuan Raeanne (she’s aged 5 years old as at 26 November 2016) as she will be replying the clues in English and Chinese languages. Also introducing is my grown-up cousin Beatrice Sim. The truth is: does Justin has a 40 oz. Dream? Let’s put an ‘explicit’ tag and a McDonald’s Kiasu Burger TV Commerical clip right from the start! JustintanTV and Fellowship Stories Of You And Me wishes all chinese readers and viewers a belated Happy Lunar New Year. Support JustintanTV on Patreon!

Warning! This video has an R21 rating: Contains some sexual references, some nudity references and some dictionary jokes. Do not listen if you are a minor or are offended by bad words.

Directed/Written by – Justin Tan Wen Cong and JustintanTV
Produced by – JustintanTV
Edited by – Justin Tan Wen Cong
Exec Produced by – JustintanTV, Justin Tan Wen Cong, Sean Bay, Kevin Tan, Team WMPC, Fellowship Stories Of You And Me

Big shout out to:

  • United International Pictures Singapore
  • United Airlines
  • The Art Faculty by Pathlight
  • Coca-Cola
  • Housing and Development Board
  • Fisherman’s Friend
  • Ministry Of Funny
  • Spotify
  • SONY for the RX100 Mark V camera


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